Time series

Abcense of monthly data means, that the indicator is summarized on the quarterly, half-annual and annual basis.


Average monthly nominal wages, drams / 2019

The monthly indicators include also data of small and micro entities*.

average monthly (Indicator is preliminary for the last month of the current year and will be adjusted in the next month)

Time Period absolute value in comparison with same period of last year (%) in comparison with previous period (%)
January 172198.0 104.1 80.8

Time series

year absolute value in comparison with same period of last year (%)
2018** 172727.0 104
2017 177817.0 101.9
2016 174445.0 101.6
2015 171615.0 108.2
2014 158580.0 108.2
2013*** 146524.0 104.1
2012 113163.0 104.7
2011 108092.0 105.3
2010 102652.0 106.9
2009 96019.0 109.9
2008 87406.0 117.8
2007 74227.0 119.2
2006 62293.0 119.7
2005 52060.0 119.8
2004 43445.0 124.9
2003 34783.0 127.3
2002 27324.0 111.6
2001 24483.0 107.8
2000 22706.0 112.6

* Since January 2018 the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia has been introduced the new administrative source for the average wage calculation, which is based on the database of individual records on income tax and social security tax (database) authorized by the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia (SRC RA). The legal basis of changes is the Decree 1582-N of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated 30.11.2017 " On Making Amendments and Changes to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia No. 1676 dated 20 December 2012". Here and hereafter, indicators on average wage include also the data on micro and small organizations. SRC RA database do not include relevant data of servicemen. For more details, see http://www.armstat.am/file/article/sv_02_18r_142.pdf

** The indicator of 2018 is preliminary and based on the SRC RA database. In order to provide comparability of indicators on wages/salaries for 2017-2018 the 2017 indicator is provided by the database of SRC RA, which is comprise 166004 AMD.

*** Since 2013 the indicator calculated by the RA Law “On Income Tax” acquired the force since 01.01.2013, according to which in RA since 1 January 2013 “employer’s statutory social security contribution” is also included in the “employees’ remuneration and other payments equal to it”. As a result of change of the mentioned legislation, in order to provide comparability of indicators for 2012-2013, the corresponding indicators for 2012 were re-calculated by the current methodology, using the method of applying the calculated (conditional) rates of employer’s statutory social security contribution.
For the completeness of the indicator of average monthly nominal wages/salaries, since from 2012 data on remuneration are included relevant data of servicemen.
According to above mentioned clarifications the revised indicator for 2012 has comprised 140739 drams.