Armstat has developed an “Inflation Calculator” online tool

11 September 2018
The official indicator of inflation in the Republic of Armenia is RA Consumer Price Index (CPI RA). The calculation of RA CPI is carried out in accordance with the internationally accepted methodology  and based on the changes of prices and tariffs (indices) of the fixed set of goods and services in the consumer market. The indexes of prices and tariffs of separate goods and services for CPI aggregation are weighed using the structure of household expenditure for the reference period. Based on the CPI RA indicators calculated (on monthly basis) since January 1994 to present, Armstat has developed an “Inflation Calculator” online tool. The tool will give an opportunity to users of Armstrat official web site using the online electronic software package to calculate independently the inflation registered within the necessary two periods, as well as the equivalent amount from the primary (base) amount.