Historical Review

  • The UNECE Conference of European Statisticians held its sixty-third plenary session from 15-17 June 2015 in Geneva. According to the rules governing the work of the Conference and its Bureau, the Conference elected its Bureau for two years term from June 2015 to June 2017. Mr. S. Mnatsakanyan, President of the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia has been elected as Vice-Chairperson of the Bureau (Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians for 2015-2017). in 2017 president of NSS RA was reelected as Vice-Chairperson of the Bureau for 2 years till June 2019.
  •  15 September 2015 officially launched the "Strengthening Armenia's National Statistical System - II phase" of the EU / twinning project. The aim of the project was to assist the NSS, the upgrade specific elements of the system of official statistics through institutional Twinning program. In 2017 took place the closing ceremony of the program. During the ceremony were represented the most important results of the program.
  •  Since June 2016 NSS RA is a member of the UN working group on the Common Elements of Statistical Legislation and in 2017 continued participating in working processes.
  • On the basis of the RA Law on Official Statistics, which came into force on April 9, 2018, the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia was transformed into the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia.


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